I get tremendous satisfaction from helping other writers and storytellers shape their short or book-length fiction and nonfiction. On a limited basis, I take on freelance editing, consulting and ghostwriting projects. I have been lucky enough to work with talented newcomers as well as writers far more illustrious than myself.
Click on any name below to read what that author (or story subject) has to say about our collaboration….

Jodi Barrus
teacher and coach, Belmond Klemme High School:

“Genevieve heard about my story through the Internet and she got to thinking, This would be a great story for other teachers and the public to hear about. Her story about my terrible incident was so wonderful and exactly what people needed to see. Because of all her great work, I’ve been interviewed by Inside Edition and now have a Hollywood Lifetime movie. Genevieve’s talent for writing and expressing the emotion of the person is what makes her so outstanding.”

Jennifer Baumgardner
author of F’em! Goo Goo, Gaga, and Some Thoughts on Balls (Seal Press, 2011):

“Having a piece edited by Genevieve is like having a conversation with your smartest best friend—that one who respects you enough to expect a lot from you but who is also your fiercest cheerleader. Genevieve can coax out the gem of a story hidden amid the clutter of a first draft.”

Paula Bomer
Author of Inside Madeline (Soho Press, 2014)

“Genevieve’s editorial support of my fiction when she was the editor at Nerve was crucial to keep me from giving up on the work I do. Her passion, vision and balls to publish stuff other people wouldn’t touch has made the world of literature a braver place.”

Lisa Carver
author of Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir (Soft Skull Press, 2005):

“Genevieve Field has been the most important, influential, and helpful person in my career, which has spanned two decades and included six books and columns and articles for dozens of magazines. She has given me ideas and guided the ideas I already had from vague conception through every stage to the finished project. She has encouraged me to take risks when that was what would make the piece its best and has reined me in from wacky to more accessible when that was what made it best. She has always stayed on top of new developments in our rapidly changing, confusing field of publishing. And remains enthusiastic. She is also a kind and thoughtful person, which you might not think is that important in an editor at first, but when you realize how closely you end up having to work with someone and all the volatile emotions that crop up for different reasons, you are grateful to be stuck with someone like Genevieve.”

Christine Coppa
author of Rattled! A Memoir (Broadway Books, 2005; a 2009 Target Breakout Book):

“I met Genevieve Field when I pitched her a personal essay for publication in Glamour magazine. It was about my experience care-taking for my boyfriend who was rendered a quadriplegic after a motocross accident. It was the hardest piece I ever wrote, but Gen pushed me—she challenged me and she made me dig deep—so deep I wept at times while writing. It ended up winning a cover line on Glamour‘s March 2007 issue and Elizabeth Vargas interviewed me on ABC’s 20/20. It was republished in Glamour UK, France, South Africa, Poland and Spain; in addition to Marie Claire Australia. Gen is a stellar editor. She helped to launch my career.”

Susan Dominus
staff writer, The New York Times Magazine:

“Genevieve Field is an enthusiastic, careful and endlessly creative editor — she won’t rest until a piece of writing is as good as she knows it can be, while always letting the writer know she is on that writer’s side.”

Jennifer Egan
author of A Visit From the Goon Squad (Knopf, 2010; winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction):

“Genevieve Field has been an invaluable asset to my fiction. Her instincts are superb; she takes what I’ve given her and shows me how to make it better, every single time.”

Devin Friedman
senior correspondent, GQ:

“Genevieve has a gift for editing. She understands writers, has compassion for them, and edits to amplify their voices rather than snuff them out. And she’s energetic even when you’re not. She never lets you be lazy. Plus, she’s fun.”

Rufus Griscom
CEO, Babble.com:

“I had the great pleasure of co-founding Nerve.com with Genevieve in 1997. She was then, as now, an uncommonly gifted editor with the ability to turn wayward scribblings into taught, deeply affecting prose.”

Britt Magnuson
author of “Look Up If You Love Me” (Glamour);

“With out the moxie and kind determination of Genevieve Field, “Look Up If You Love Me” would simply have been a row of journal entries and conversations boxed onto my shelves gathering sad dust. With her clear vision of whom our story could reach, the story crossed oceans and spanned continents…reaching millions.”

Jacquelyn Mitchard
author of Second Nature: A Love Story (Random House, 2011):

“I can’t say you helped me get my start, but I can say that you were an eager, thoughtful, wise and delicate writer and editor, who sent me out there looking very, very good.”

Laurie Sandell
author of Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family (Little, Brown, 2011):

“There is not enough I can say about Genevieve Field’s skills as an editor. As a magazine writer, I’ve called upon her enormous talents countless times—often in the eleventh hour. She has edited dozens of articles I’ve written for Glamour, and put her touch on many of the pieces I’ve written for Redbook, Marie Claire, New York, InStyle, and others. When I was writing my first book, a graphic memoir called The Impostor’s Daughter, she brainstormed concepts, edited the overall manuscript, then line-edited every page; she even helped to organize the drawings. She was instrumental in line-editing my second book, Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family, and provided crucial feedback about tone, style, and character. I have also relied on Genevieve’s utterly valuable feedback about my first novel, a work-in-progress best defined as ‘chick lit.’ If Genevieve ever retires, I’ll probably be forced to do so, too.”

Kyle Spencer
author of She’s Gone Country: Dispatches from a Lost Soul In The Heart of Dixie (Vintage, 2002) and the novel-in-progress, Vertical Living:

“Genevieve is supremely talented, but she’s also pragmatic. She doesn’t work with you in a vacuum. She understands the market. Genevieve knew my characters inside and out. Sometimes, we’d be talking about a plot point and she’d say, ‘I don’t think he would really do that.’ And inevitably, she’d be right. A lot of editors have the ability to tell you what you need to fix. Genevieve will tell you what you need to do to make the fix. Genevieve really helped me create a stronger plot with more authentic characters. She was deeply invested in my work, but also a lot of fun to work with. She helped me make the manuscript better, but she also helped me to become a better writer.”